Each of the five days of the Symposium will be allotted to one of the five basic topics, considered in both observational and theoretical aspects.

  • Differently scaled solar convection and magnetoconvection and models of stellar convection will be the subject of a first session.
  • A second session will be devoted to the theory of solar and stellar differential rotation and meridional circulation in parallel with relevant observational data.
  • Solar and stellar global dynamos will be discussed at a third session along with solar-cycle observational patterns and predictions.
  • The helioseismological inversions describing the rotational-velocity distribution in the solar interior and also asteroseismology will, together with local helioseismology, be a subject of a fourth session.
  • A consideration of local active processes such as observed patterns of active-region development, magnetic-flux emergence, local dynamo, small-scale motions, sunspot and starspot formation, etc., is planned to be on the agenda of a fifth session.

Four invited talks are planned for each thematic direction. Tentatively, 30 minutes will be allocated to an invited talk, and 15 minutes, to a contributed talk.

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