IAU Symposium 365

Dynamics of Solar and Stellar
Convection Zones and Atmospheres

25–29 August 2020, Moscow, Russian Federation


Dear participants of the symposium,

To meet the requirements of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research and be able to obtain financial support of our conference, we must prepare tentative versions of the list of participants and scientific programme of the symposium early in February 2020. Therefore, we strongly request you to register for our meeting before 1 February 2020 and, if the abstract(s) of your contribution(s) is (are) not ready by that time, e-mail us the tentative abstract title(s) also before 1 February 2020.

The deadline of abstract submission is 31 March 2020 for the contributions desired to be presented orally and 15 July 2020 for the contributions intended for poster presentation. According to the announced deadlines, online registration and fee-payment are possible until 20 August 2020 but we would greatly appreciate your understanding and early providing the above-specified information.

Symposium SOC


The Symposium will bring together solar and stellar physicists investigating the dynamics of convection zones and lower atmospheres. It will be dedicated to observational and theoretical aspects of the hydrodynamics and magnetohydrodynamics, both global and local, of the solar and stellar convection zones and lower atmospheres with the inclusion of numerical simulations as a particular branch of theoretical research. Specific subjects to be discussed are as follows:

Contact: iaus365@sinp.msu.ru