IAU Symposium 365

Dynamics of Solar and Stellar
Convection Zones and Atmospheres

25–29 August 2020, Moscow, Russian Federation


In view of the current epidemic situation in the world, many scientific meetings have now been postponed to later times. Certainly, we are concerned about the coronavirus situation and are continuously keeping track of the virus-related events so as to be able to timely postpone our meeting if this becomes inevitable. At the moment, however, we have five months remaining before the scheduled time of our Symposium, and there are reasons for hope that the situation will radically improve or, at least, the general trend will become clear in about two months. Therefore, we have not yet postponed the Symposium but were forced to change a number of important dates for the Symposium, which made our schedule very tight.

We will announce our final decision on the timing of the Symposium by 17 May 2020, more than three months before the planned date of the meeting, so that the participants will have time enough to obtain visas, purchase air tickets and book hotel rooms.

For the new calendar of important dates, see http://iaus365.sinp.msu.ru/important-dates/


The Symposium will bring together solar and stellar physicists investigating the dynamics of convection zones and lower atmospheres. It will be dedicated to observational and theoretical aspects of the hydrodynamics and magnetohydrodynamics, both global and local, of the solar and stellar convection zones and lower atmospheres with the inclusion of numerical simulations as a particular branch of theoretical research. Specific subjects to be discussed are as follows:

Contact: iaus365@sinp.msu.ru