Abstract Submission

To submit your abstract(s), please download our template.tex file, fill it in to prepare the file(s) of your abstract(s) and rename it (them) so as to explicitly indicate the last name and the first initial of the presenting author and, if needed, the ordinal number of the abstract, e.g., «Nikolaev_E.tex» (if one abstract is submitted) or «Johnson_A_1.tex» (if more than one abstract are submitted). To check the appearence of the result, generate .dvi files using the IAUS365 style file, which you can download as iaus365.sty. Then e-mail both (!) the .tex and the .pdf file of each abstract to the SOC address given below.

While submitting your abstract(s), please indicate the number(s) of the relevant thematic section(s) of the symposium in the subject field(s) of your e-mail(s): 

1.  Convection (solar – on different scales – and stellar)

2. Differential rotation and meridional circulation (both solar and stellar)

3. Global dynamo (in the Sun and stars; solar-cycle observed patterns and predictions)

4. Helioseismology and asteroseismology (both global and local; probing subsurface structure and dynamics)

5. Local processes of magnetic-flux emergence, sunspot and starspot formation (observed patterns of sunspot evolution, small-scale motions, local dynamo)

Contacts: iaus365@sinp.msu.ru (SOC)
iaus365@aras.am (LOC)

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