Presentations and Posters



Session 1. Solar and Stellar Convection

A. Birch. Spectra of large-scales flows on the Sun (pdf file)

T.A.M. Braun. Applying the Kuhfuss Convection Theory to Convective Envelopes (pdf file)

C. Hanson, S.B. Das, P. Mani, S. Hanasoge and K.R. Sreenivasan. Helioseismic imaging of supergranules reveals new insight into solar convection (pptx file with audio recording)

X. Haubois. Imaging stellar surface features with optical interferometry (pptx file)

P. Käpylä. Rotating subadiabatic convection and overshooting in deep convection zones: pdf file and mp4 file

N. Kleeorin and I. Rogachevskii. On the nature of turbulent convection in the sun and stars: laboratory experiments, theory and mean-field simulations (pptx file and pdf file)

Y. Luo, J. Jiang and R. Wang. Analyzing supergranulation and its variations over solar cycles 23 and 24 based on magnetic power spectra (pptx file)

Y. Masada. Modeling Convection and Transport in the Sun (pptx file)

Q. Noraz, A.S. Brun and A. Strugarek. Impact of the Nusselt number on the energy distribution among solar convection scales (mp4 file)

 Session 2. Differential Rotation and Meridional Circulation

M.Camisassa and N.A. Featherstone. The Transition from Solar-like to Antisolar Differential Rotation: A Geometric Interpretation (pptx file)

R.Chen and J.-W. Zhao. Frequency-dependent Measurements of the Sun’s Interior Meridional Circulation (pptx file)

A.R. Choudhuri and B.K. Jha. A theoretical model of the near-surface shear layer of the Sun (mp4 file)

M. Faurobert, T. Corbard, B. Gelly, R. Douet and D. Laforgue. Rotational shear in the low photosphere of the Sun (pdf file)

L.L. Kitchatinov. Near-surface shear layer of solar rotation: origin and significance (pptx file with audio recording)

A.S. Kutsenko, V.I. Abramenko and D.V. Litvishko. The rotation rates of solar active regions as a constraint for the global dynamo models (ppsx file with audio recording)

S.S. Mahajan, D. Nandy and Petrus C. Martens Lenz’s Law at Work in the Solar Interior: Interplay of Magnetic Tension and Differential Rotation (mp4 file)

S.S. Mahajan, X.-D. Sun and J.-W. Zhao. Removal Of Active Region Inflows Reveals a Weak Solar-cycle-scale Trend In Near-surface Meridional Flow (mp4 file)

Yash Mandowara, Y. Bekki and L. Gizon. Observational study of Reynolds stresses associated with solar inertial modes (pdf file)

D.K. Mishra, S. Routh, B.K. Jha, S. Chatterjee and D. Banerjee. Differential Rotation of the Solar Chromosphere using multidecadal Ca K spectroheliograms (pptx file)

A.A. Pevtsov, Yu.A. Nagovitsyn and L. Upton. The Sun’s Large-Scale Flows: differential rotation and meridional circulation (pptx file)

S.P. Rajaguru. Meridional Circulation in the Solar Convection Zone: Reconciling Helioseismic Measurements (pptx file and pdf file)

S.C. Tripathy, K. Jain, S. Kholikov, and R. Komm. Probing the Sun’s Near Surface Shear Layer using HMI Spherical Harmonic Coefficients (ppsx file with audio recording)

A. Araújo and A. Valio. Differential rotation of stars from spot transit mapping: dependence on rotation period and effective temperature (pdf file)

Session 3. Global dynamo. Solar and Stellar Activity Cycles

V.I. Abramenko. Insight into the global dynamo operation from the two recent solar cycles of space-based observations (ppsx file with audio recording)

D. Banerjee. Solar-cycle observed patterns as revealed from Kodaikanal multi wavelength archive (pptx file)

A. Biswas, B.B. Karak and R. Cameron. The role of nonlinear toroidal flux loss due to flux emergence in the long-term evolution of the solar cycle (pdf file)

G. Guerrero. Advances in global simulations of solar and stellar dynamos (mkv file)

E.A. Illarionov and R. Arlt. Two solar minima in the light of reconstructed historical observations (pptx file)

J. Jiang. Nonlinear and stochastic mechanisms of the solar cycle and their implications for the cycle prediction (pptx file)

B.B. Karak. Recent Developments in the Babcock–Leighton Solar Dynamo Theory (ppt file)

Pawan Kumar, B.B. Karak and V. Vashishth. Solar cycle variability induced by stochastic fluctuations of BMR properties and at different amounts of dynamo supercriticality (pdf file and pptx file)

K.M. Kuzanyan, N. Kleeorin, I. Rogachevskii and N.T. Safiullin. Magnetic helicity generation, its flux in the solar convective zone and the solar activity cycle (pdf file)

V.V. Pipin. Doubling dynamo-wave frequency on fast rotating solar analogs? (mp4 file)

C. Saha, S. Chandra and D. Nandy. The Sun’s slumber is not so deep when it goes to sleep! (pptx file)

D.D. Sokoloff, E.V. Yushkov and A.Yu. Serenkova. Resonance and solar dynamos (pptx file)

R.A. Suleymanova and V.I. Abramenko. Manifestations of the turbulent component of the global solar dynamo in the minima of solar activity (ppsx file with audio recording)

V.Vashishth, B.B. Karak and L. L. Kitchatinov. Modelling the long-term variability of sun-like stars: From subcritical to supercritical dynamos (pdf file)

Z. Zhang and J. Jiang. A Babcock–Leighton-type Solar Dynamo Operating in the Bulk of the Convection Zone and its Application to Solar-type Stars (pdf file and pptx file)

Session 4. Helioseismology and Asteroseismology

A. Brito and I. Lopes. The effect of Coulomb interactions on acoustic oscillations in the outer layers of low-mass stars (pdf file)

G. Lin. Influence of small-scale magnetic fields in the photosphere on the asteroseismology for KIC 11295426 and KIC 10963065 (pptx file)

S. Mathur. Convection, rotation, and magnetic activity of solar-like stars from asteroseismology (mp4 file)

S. Perez-Piel, J.C. Buitrago-Casas, J.C. Martíınez Oliveros and C. Lindsey. Identifying Submerged Acoustic Sources (mp4 file)

J. Philidet and L. Gizon. A 2D model for the excitation of the linearly stable solar inertial modes by turbulent convection (pdf file)

M. Waidele and J.-W. Zhao. Solar Rossby waves and their dependence on the solar cycle (pdf file)

Session 5. Local Processes of  Magnetic-Flux Emergence. Sunspot and Starspot Formation

V.I. Abramenko. Signature of local (turbulent) dynamo on middle and small scales (ppsx file with audio recording)

B.K. Jha, A.B. Sreedevi, B.B. Karak and D. Banerjee. Exploring Sun’s Bipolar Magnetic Region Tilts and the Phenomenon of Tilt Quenching through Magnetic Field Dependence (m4v file)

S. Kasapis, I.N. Kitiashvili, A.G. Kosovichev, J.T. Stefan and B. Apte. Early Detection of Active Region Emergence in the Solar Interior Using Acoustic Power Maps and Machine Learning Data Analysis (pptx file)

M.J. Korpi-Lagg, J. Warnecke, M. Rheinhardt and J. Pekkilä. Interaction of different dynamo instabilities in the convection zones of solar-like cool stars: role for magnetism and dynamics (pptx file with audio recording)

A.A. Plotnikov, A.S.Kutsenko and V. I. Abramenko. Decay of unipolar active regions (pptx file)

M. Poisson, M. López Fuentes, C.H Mandrini, F. Grings and P. Démoulin. Modeling LOS magnetograms of emerging active regions: mp4 file and presentation (pdf file)

A.M. Sadykov and S.A. Krasotkin. Magnetic field and radial velocity fluxes at the initial stages of the evolution of solar active regions based on measurements at the photospheric level (pptx file)

S.K. Solanki, Y.C. Unruh and A.S. Shapiro. Some recent results on sunspots and starspots: presentation (pptx file) and video (mpeg file)

A.B Sreedevi, B.K. Jha, B.B. Karak and D. Banerjee. An automatic algorithm to track bipolar magnetic regions in magnetograms to study the evolution of their properties (pptx file)

A.B. Sreedevi, B.K. Jha, B.B. Karak and D. Banerjee. Observational study of bipolar magnetic regions: Support of thin-flux tube rise model? (pptx file)

J.T. Stefan and A.G. Kosovichev. Properties of Mean Phase Travel Time Deviations Preceding the Emergence of Large Active Regions during Solar Cycle 24 (mp4 file)

R.-H. Wang, J. Jiang and Y. Luo. A live homogeneous database of solar active regions based on SOHO/MDI and SDO/HMI synoptic magnetograms (pptx file)

Z.-F. Wang and R.H. Cameron. Flux emergence simulation and atmosphere response at ephemeral region scale (pptx file with audio recording)

M. Yamashita, Y. Itoh, Y. Takagi, and Y. Oasa. Chromospheric activities of pre-main-sequence stars (mp4 file)

H.Yang, C. Jin and J. Wang. Secondary flux emergence in ephemeral regions (pptx file)

N.Zolotova, M.V. Vokhmyanin and R. Arlt. Solar activity reconstruction from the Georg Eimmart’s archive of 1616–1720 (pdf file)

Session 6. Miscellaneous

V. Adibekyan and N.C. Santos. PoET: Mapping the Sun in space and time (pdf file)

G.G. Motorina, Yu.T. Tsap, J. Kašparová, V.V. Smirnova, A.S. Morgachev, M. Bárta. Modeling of the solar flare chromosphere and thermal sub-THz radiation (mp4 file)

A.G.M. Pietrow. Center-to-limb variation of spectral lines and continua observed with SST/CRISP and SST/CHROMIS : mp4 file and presentation (pdf file)

V.M. Sadykov, I.N. Kitiashvili, A.G. Kosovichev, A.A. Wray, I.K. Asante, and D. Erfani. Physical Properties of the Solar Atmosphere Derived from Comparison of Spectro-Polarimetric SDO/HMI Observables with 3D Radiative MHD Simulations: pdf file and mp4 file.

Y.T. Tsap, A.V. Stepanov and V.F. Melnikov. Sub-THz emission from stellar flares and energy release diagnostics (ppsx file)

Posters and 3-minute presentations

O.A. Andreeva. Features of the solar minimum 24/25 in the evolution of polar and non-polar coronal holes: poster (pdf file) and short presentation (pptx file)

A. Biswas, P. Kumar, B.B. Karak and R. Cameron. Exploring the predictability of the solar cycle from the polar field rise rate: Results from observations and simulations: poster (pdf file) and short_presentation (pdf file)

Camisassa M.E., Raddi R., Althaus L.G., Isern J., Rebassa-Mansergas A., Torres, S., Córsico A. H. and Korre L. Can we reveal the core-chemical composition of ultramassive white dwarfs through their magnetic fields? (pdf file)

P.Dey, Y. Bekki and L. Gizon. Probing the superadiabaticity of the solar convection zone with inertial modes: poster (pdf file) and short presentation (pptx file with audio recording)

A. Görgei, K. Vida, B. Seli and L. Kriskovics. Stellar activity in open clusters: poster (pdf file) and short presentation (pdf file)

S.S. Khodairy. Influence of Solar Activity on LEO Satellites (pdf file)

Zs. Kὅvári, K. G. Strassmeier, L. Kriskovics, K. Oláh, T. Borkovits, B. Seli1 and K. Vida. Magnetic activity under tidal influences in the 2+2 hierarchical quadruple system V815 Herculis (pdf file)

D.V. Litvishko, A.S. Kutsenko and V.I. Abramenko. Analysis of differential rotation of anti-Hale active regions: short presentation (ppsx file with audio recording)

F. Menezes, A. Valio,Y. Netto, A. Araújo, C. Kay and M. Opher. Trajectories of Coronal Mass Ejection from Solar-type Stars (pdf file)

I Roth. Flux Emergence Evolution as a Topological Entity: manifested by physics, controlled by mathematics (pptx file)

V.V. Smirnova, Yu.T. Tsap, G.G. Motorina, A.S. Morgachev and M. Bárta. Thermal instability in the impulsive phase of solar flares with sub-THz component (pptx file with audio recording)

S.V. Starchenko. Levels of stabilization of velocity and magnetic induction in the convective zone of the Sun: poster (pdf file) and short presentation (pptx file with audio recording)

S.V. Starchenko. The simplest magnetic model of the solar convection zone: poster (pdf file) and short presentation (pptx file with audio recording)

S.V. Starchenko and S.V. Yakovleva.  Correlation of shifted Wolf numbers with their derivatives, dynamo and predictions: poster (pdf file) and short presentation (pptx file with audio recording)

S. Koutchmy, E. Tavabi. Chromosphere activity: relations with Solar cycles (SC) : poster (pdf file) and short presentation (pptx file)

Pawan Kumar, S. Wavhal and B.B. Karak. How supercritical is the solar dynamo? – poster (pdf file) and short presentation (pptx file)

E. Tavabi and R. Sadeghi. Exploring Damping Properties of IRIS Bright Points using Deep Learning Techniques: poster (pdf file) and short presentation (pptx file)

Varnana M. Kumar, T.E. Girish, Thara N. Sathyan, Haritha V.G. and G. Gopkumar. Super flares in M stars and associated characteristics of active regions and magnetic fields: poster (pdf file) and short presentation (pptm file with audio recording)

V.Vashishth and B.B. Karak. Hysteresis near the transition of the large-scale dynamo in presence of the small-scale dynamo: poster (pdf file) and short presentation (pdf file)

K. Vida, B. Seli, T. Szklenár, L. Kriskovics and A. Görgei. Detecting coronal mass ejections with machine learning methods: poster (pdf file) and short presentation (pdf file)

A.V. Zhukova. The North–South asymmetry of the magnetic fluxes of active regions of different magneto-morphological types in cycles 23 and 24:  poster (pdf file) and short presentation (ppt file with audio recording).

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